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As a recent college graduate, starting your career is exciting. Get tips and resources on finding a job, résumé writing, interviews, networking, and more.


A Field Guide to the 7 Stage of Life After College

Job & Career

A Field Guide to the 7 Stages of Life After College

Life after college is a huge transition. Knowing what to expect, with a little help from Discover Student Loans, can help make the transition to the real world smoother.

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Job & Career

Help! I Can't Find a Job in My Major!

It's not always easy finding a job within your major. Discover Student Loans offers tips for getting a job, which may include getting more experience, taking inventory of your skills, or even moving.

Job & Career

Tanked the Job Interview? Here's How to Recover!

If you recently had a bad interview for your dream job, it’s not the end of the road. You may be able to redeem yourself and even get the job. Discover Student Loans offers tips for what to do after a bad interview.

Job & Career

4 Ways to Set and Stick to Your Goals

While setting goals seems like an obvious part of adulthood, there's a lot that goes into it. Find out how setting goals plays an important role in your future plans after college with tips from Discover Student Loans.

Job & Career

7 Tips for Acing an Interview

It's only natural to feel nervous for an interview, especially for your first job interview after college. Learn how to ace an interview with interviewing tips from Discover Student Loans.

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Networking 101

Everyone gets a little uneasy when it comes to networking. But with networking tips and advice from Discover Student Loans, it's easy to learn and it can help you take your career to the next level.

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Starting a Business After College

Looking to become an entrepreneur? While starting a business after college can be financially challenging, there are plenty of funding options. Discover Student Loans helps you choose your path for financing a startup.

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A Guide to Landing Your First Job

Most recent college graduates have experience with internships and part-time jobs. However, there's plenty to learn when seeking your first job after college. Read tips from Discover Student Loans for getting a job after graduating.

Job & Career

How to Negotiate a Salary and Job Benefits

Negotiating a salary can be intimidating, especially for your first job after college. Check out these tips from Discover Student Loans on salary negotiations and counteroffers to help you land a great benefits package.

Job & Career

My Side Hustles Helped Me Double My Income

Although managing more than one job can be difficult, Discover Student Loans provides you with guidance for earning supplementary income. Learn how side hustles can help you double your salary.