There are thousands of grants and scholarships available from a variety of sources, including employers, foundations, religious groups, clubs, colleges and universities. Once you determine what you want to apply for, follow these three steps to help keep yourself organized and on track:

Step 1: Create a resume of your accomplishments

Your resume should highlight your grades and academic achievements, community service activities, leadership roles and any special talents. Have a parent interview you every year to ensure your achievements are accounted for in your resume and on your applications.

Step 2: Gather letters of recommendation from teachers and employers

You may not be the only person asking for a recommendation, so provide as much notice as possible to the people you are asking. You may also want to provide a copy of your resume for reference as they write your recommendation.

Step 3: Write an essay that can be easily tailored

Creating a standard essay that outlines your achievements and interests will give you a head start when filling out multiple applications. Remember that there are other applicants competing for the same grants and scholarships. Your essay should clearly communicate who you are and highlight what distinguishes you from other applicants.

College Grant and Scholarship Resources

As you start to apply, remember to pay close attention to the application instructions since they can be different. You don't want to miss out on a grant or scholarship because you didn't complete all of the application steps. Many schools automatically consider you for grants and scholarships when you apply for admission. For those not offered by your school, you can visit:

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You can also visit:

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