What are digital wallets?

Digital wallets let you make purchases without ever reaching for your physical credit card, so you can check out in store and online with your smartphone, tablet, wearable and more.

Why should I use a digital wallet?


They have enhanced security

Digital wallets use tokens, a substitute for your account number, every time you make a digital wallet purchase. Your actual card number will never be shared with the merchant.


They're super convenient

Just a quick tap and your purchase is complete. No more digging for your wallet or typing in credit card information.

Earn with every purchase

Using a digital wallet with Discover allows you to earn rewards on every purchase.

  • You'll earn on every purchase you make
  • As always, your rewards never expire1

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Yes. You always earn rewards on every purchase with your Discover card, including when you use your digital wallet. If your digital wallet purchases are made using Apple Pay®, Google Pay and Samsung Pay® you will earn rewards just like you would with your physical card. Please log into your card account at Discover.com or in the Discover Mobile app to see your individual card benefits.

Digital wallets use enhanced information security features such as tokenization and/or authentication designed to maintain the security of your account and make it difficult for unauthorized parties to access your information.

Plus, when you make purchases using your Discover card with your digital wallet, you get all the other security benefits you get with your physical Discover card:

  • Your transactions are monitored by Discover risk and fraud detection systems.
  • Our $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee means you are never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card.
If you believe your device has been lost, stolen, or compromised in any way, you can deactivate your Discover card via the Discover Mobile app, Discover.com, or by calling Discover at 1-800-347-2683 to prevent in-store purchases.

If you replace your device, you will need to re-add your Discover card to your digital wallet. You can also add your Discover card and manage your digital wallet right from the Discover Mobile app.

  1. Open the wallet app on your device
  2. Tap “+” or “add”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to re-provision your digital wallet

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Program Details

  1. Your rewards never expire. We will credit your account with rewards balance if your account is closed or if you have not used it within 18 months.